How to Start Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Business in India

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Reliance Petroleum is one of the main divisions of Reliance Industries, which was launched in 1991. One of this division’s earliest and most successful ventures was Gujarat Refinery, which became the world’s largest oil refinery and produced about 1.24 million barrels a day. There are now more than 64000 Reliance petrol pumps spread across the country, and 1300 provide superior technology fuel with specialized services. 

A Petrol Pump dealership is a prime business opportunity with a wide variety of options and services to be provided. A reliance petrol pump also has facilities for emergency servicing of vehicles.

The vast business network of Reliance Industries has access to new products and new technology. Reliance petroleum is also upgrading its technology and improving its services. Dealers are regularly invited to seminars and training sessions and provided opportunities for new technologies to be forwarded to them. Though many of these sessions have become online, dealers are provided inputs for constantly improving and upgrading their services and facilities.

The advantage of being a Reliance franchisee is the constant receipts of upgrades, and franchisers need not look elsewhere for tools that may or may not be compatible with their existing equipment. They will be secure in the knowledge that the new tools and technology have already been tested and verified with the backing of Reliance industries.

Services provided by a Reliance petrol pump dealer
The most common and regular services provided by a Reliance petrol pump include

Dispensing of petrol, diesel and CNG (compressed natural gas) to customer vehicles
Sales and distribution of different lubricants to vehicles. These lubricants include engine oil, brake oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, grease and air conditioning coolants. All these products are of the brand name Relstar.
Vehicle washing and cleaning with high-pressure water and air.
Provision of free air and nitrogen for vehicle tyres.
The minimum requirement for Reliance petrol pump dealership


Other requirements

Budget outlay

Min 800 sq feet if opening in a city

3 pump managers

Clean toilets

Minimum Rs 70 lakhs

Min 1500 sq if opening on a highway

2 attendants for tyre air filling

Free air and nitrogen filling

Cost of land or rent on land

At least 8 pump attendants for filling around the clock.

Free drinking water

A refundable caution deposit of Rs 23 lakhs

Staff must be courteous, clean windshields and conversant with POS (point of sales) instruments such as card swipe machines and UPI devices.

Provision store and snack bar

Signing fees of Rs 3.5 lakhs

Eligibility to become a Reliance petrol pump dealer
The eligibility criteria for a Reliance petrol pump dealership are

Age of the applicant to be between 21 to 55 years of age,

The applicant requires to be an Indian citizen and a resident of India,

The applicant needs to be qualified with a graduation degree or can be a chartered accountant, a company secretary or a diploma engineer. For rural outlets, a 10+2 certificate is the minimum requirement,

The applicant needs to show proof of investment capability for Rs 25 lakhs for a Reliance petrol pump in an urban area or Rs 12 lakhs for a rural area.

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Documents Required
A rather large number of documents are required for applying for the Reliance petrol pump dealership. This includes the following basic documents.

An Expression of Interest (EOI) document,
The current circle rate document,
Site layout maps and photographs of the location,
Documents certifying financial and business capability,
7½ extract and sale deed documents of the land to be used for the dealership
The following land documents are also needed

Certificate to confirm that the land is non-agricultural and not in a green belt,
No Objection Certificate (NOC) if the land is leased or rented. Rent or lease documents will need to be provided.
Applying for the dealership
The applicant should be ready with hired staff and the necessary NOCs (no objection certificates) before applying for a Reliance petrol pump dealership.

The first stage in the application for the Reliance Petrol pump dealership is to read all the terms and conditions on the Reliance petroleum website and be mentally and financially prepared for entering this business.
Having entered the Reliance petroleum website, the applicant needs to familiarise themselves with the various features on the site thoroughly. This includes reading about the different types of pumps available, services provided, details about procurement of oils and lubricants and even the company’s upcoming plans.
The next stage is to register and apply for business. For this purpose, applicants must go to the “contact us” icon at the top right corner of the screen and select “business enquiry” as the next option.
Once this option is selected, a form will appear on the screen. Interested applicants will be required to fill in all their personal details related to the business and also the size and location of the plot of land earmarked for the business. All contact details, including mobile numbers and Email IDs, will also need to be provided. The form, completed in all respects, needs to be submitted. The system will anyway throw back the form if it is incomplete in any way.
The company shall scrutinise the completed form, and representatives will contact the applicant to take the process forward.
Applicants should follow the standard template of Reliance
Petroleum for the construction of the entire facility, including the use of raw material, construction material and even brands of furniture, stands, POS machines, equipment and other fixtures.
There will be periodic inspection and surveillance visits by Reliance petroleum staff to assess the construction progress. There will be a final inspection, including an interview of staff, before the final certificate of the franchisee is given, and the pump can begin doing business.      
Advantages of becoming a Reliance petrol pump dealer
There are several advantages of having a Reliance petrol pump dealership. They are:

A Reliance petrol pump has several business opportunities besides just dispensing petrol, diesel or CNG. There are opportunities to sell lubricants, opportunities for puncture repair, and rent from ATM kiosks and other outlets.
Reliance trains staff,

provides the latest technology and upgradation,
24-hour service ensures high profitability as well as turnover,
Online Application Process
Reliance Petroleum sometimes asks for offers for a dealership in a particular area. Alternatively, interested applicants can go to the portal and apply online –

The applicant will need to fill up the form that opens with basic details such as name, address, mobile number, email ID and even the type of partnership.

The system will throw up a prompt in case any information is wrong or missing. Once complete, the system will throw up a captcha which will need to be typed exactly as it appears. Then the form is to be submitted online.

Once the application is received and found worthwhile, the applicant will be contacted by representatives of Reliance Petroleum and the process is taken further forward.

Contact Details
Reliance petroleum has a helpline, and the number is 1800223023. This helpline is available all day and night every day. The helpline answers in four languages: Hindi, English, Marathi and Gujarati.  

There is also an email ID where enquiries can be given in.

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Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership FAQs:
1. Can a Reliance petrol pump dealership be given on land in a special economic zone (SEZ)?
Yes. A Reliance, petrol pump dealership can be offered in a special economic zone. But since the business is a franchisee of Reliance Petroleum, the other benefits of being in an SEZ will be subject to special conditions as dictated by Reliance petroleum.
2. Can a Reliance petrol pump have a restaurant on its premises?
There needs to be sufficient space to have a restaurant within the space of the Reliance petrol pump. The applicant will need to provide a detailed drawing of how the space will be used and seek permission to add restaurants and other extra facilities such as ATM machines.
3. Is a Reliance petrol pump dealership profitable?
A calculation has been made for at least 50 customers coming per day for petrol, diesel or CNG filling at a minimum cost of Rs 300 per head, a monthly profit of Rs 2 to 3 lakhs can be expected.
4. Can a Reliance petrol pump have pollution testing and certification booths in its space?
Most petrol pumps have a pollution testing and certification booth in its allotted space. Prior permission from Reliance petroleum will be required to install a pollution testing booth.
5. Can a Reliance petrol pump dealer apply for relocation to another site?
A reliance petrol pump dealer can apply for relocation to another site for valid reasons, such as the site going under a flyover and therefore getting fewer customers per day. There can also be other valid reasons, such as the area getting abandoned due to a calamity. Dealers need to read the terms and conditions of Reliance Petroleum for relocation.
6. Can a Reliance Petrol pump dealer get a loan for startup and regular conducting of the business?
Yes. Most banks and non-banking financial corporations (NBFCs) provide loans for petrol pump startups.
7. Does Reliance petroleum conduct training sessions for all staff in a Reliance dealership?
The Station manager and service managers are given training directly by Reliance petroleum. These senior staff are then expected to provide training to the filling, washing and cleaning staff level.
8. Can a Reliance Petrol pump dealer apply for registering as an MSME (micro, small and medium enterprise)?
Petrol pumps are eligible for registration as MSMEs and can register themselves on the Udyam portal of the MSME ministry. Reliance dealers will, however, need to take permission from Reliance petroleum before applying.
9. Is a customer allowed to test the quantity of petrol or diesel at a Reliance petrol pump dealer?
Yes, there is a set procedure for testing the quantity of the petrol, diesel or CNG being dispensed. Station managers demonstrate and explain the procedure to enquiring customers. Station managers may show test certificates of the received oils to customers.
10. Are Reliance petrol pump dealers allowed compensation for evaporation of fuels?
Reliance Petroleum does not compensate dealers for evaporation or other losses though they are allowed a commission. Petrol pump dealers can, however, claim an income tax credit (ITC) for evaporation loss based on the total quantity of petrol and diesel in their storage tanks.

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