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 Baba Ramadev is the marketer of the quickly expanding Apply For Patanjali Franchise Ayurveda brand. Within a few years, Patanjali established itself as a hoIn order to expand its current network, Patanjali Ayurveda is seeking additional franchisees, dealers, and distributors. This article examines the steps involved in opening a Patanjali franchise in India.

Patanjali Ayurved Limited wants to offer high-quality goods to everyone. It was launched in 2006 with a focus on both urban and rural areas. Patanjali only sells Ayurvedic products, with farmers providing the ingredients.

The farmer aids Patanjali in supplying the highest calibre supplies of grains, herbal remedies, and organic goods. As a result, the farmers’ revenue would increase and they would be able to supply the necessary organisation with more organic requirements

Why Patanjali?

Patanjali has now become a household product in the country. And so, it is the fastest-growing brand. Baba Ramdev started Patanjali and is now successfully earning trust through its guaranteed quality products.

Almost 3 lakh stores carry Patanjali goods, and there are also over 5000 franchise locations that sell over 1000 different Patanjali products. In many other districts, Patanjali Ayurveda is eager to expand its network of franchisees, distributors, and dealers. Online retailers sell Patanjali goods as well.

Yog Guru Baba Ramdev along with Acharya Balkrishnan had produced such quality products for a quality life. It is one of the fastest-growing brands/companies, with a turnover of about 5000 crores in 2015-16.

In an interview, Baba Ramdev said that Patanjali’s profits were donated to good causes. Hence, remember that Patanjali products are organic, of the highest quality, and reasonably priced. To deal with the most stable market, where demand for Patanjali products would never decline, obtain the Patanjali Franchise Agreement.

Plans for Patanjali Franchises

Among the programs that applicants can use to join the Patanjali family include the following:

The Gramodhyog Nyas:-

To improve the moral, social, and economic standing of the nation’s millions of villagers, Gramodhyog Nyas Form was founded on January 5, 2011.

Patanjali suggests developing village businesses through Gramodhyog Nyas in order to combat poverty and assist the villagers through the purchase and sale of locally produced goods, cooperative exchanges, the gathering of raw materials, the arrangement of modern tools, etc.

A person may apply for distributorship under Gramodhyog Nyas with the application and supporting documentation listed below

Bank details

Photocopy of PAN card

Photocopy of TIN Number

Photocopy of Address Proof

Premises -Rented or owned- (if rented, provide rent agreement)

Security deposit of ₹21000 is Payable in favour of Patanjali Gramodhyog Nyas through RTGS or DD only.

The Following Conditions Must be Met in Order to Open a Patanjali Mega Store:

A minimum of 2000 square feet is required for the Patanjali Mega Store

an initial sum of ₹1 crore

You can make a security deposit of ₹5 lakh (refundable), divided into ₹2.5 lakh in the names of Divya Pharmacy and Patanjali Ayurved Ltd., Haridwar (DD)

However, the Patanjali Mega Store can only be found in the most desirable part of the city

Megastores should be at least 2.5 km away from existing megastores in metro areas, 3.5 km away in non-metro areas, and at least 1 km away from Patanjali Chikitsalayas and Arogya Kendras

A copy of the sales registration, the ownership or rent deed for the Mega Store, PAN cards, passport-size photos of the franchisee, identity and address verification, and other documents are required to be submitted with the application

At Mega Store, a Vaidya will be appointed by the Institute, and the store owner is required to give the Vaidya access to medical supplies. The owner of the megastore must set up amenities inside the store for people to sit down, drink, use the restroom, etc

Only Divya Pharmacy, Patanjali Ayurved, and products endorsed by the Institute will be sold at the Mega Store.

The cost of opening stores approximately at various levels:

Opening cost for Patanjali Retail Store – minimum ₹50,000

Opening cost for Patanjali Dealership Store – minimum ₹50,000

The Opening cost for Patanjali Distributorship Store – minimum ₹1 lakh

Opening cost for Patanjali Mega Store in India – minimum ₹1 crore

The prices, as mentioned above, are for opening the store whereas the cost of a Patanjali Franchise starts from 5 lakhs for a small shop to 2 crores for Mega Stores. The price mentioned is inclusive of interiors, set-up, and inventory.

Patanjali Mega Stores can have a minimum area of 300 to a maximum of 2000 sq. ft. in prime locations of a city/town. Since Patanjali Ayurvedic Limited is an Indian Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) company, the owner of the Trade License or franchise might acquire double the amount spent for investment approximately.

However, it depends on the area where the shop is located, and even a study of the location & the people is to be examined before launching the franchise.

However, more customers are buying their daily FMCG products from Patanjali stores; it is likely to get more consumers and therefore, you can see the business bloom enormously

Online Patanjali Franchise Application Forms: 

You will find the online franchise application forms in Hindi and in English here, where both the Mega Store and Patanjali Chikitsalaya & Arogya Kendra Forms are available:

You can refer to the online application form for Patanjali Mega Store exclusively here. The application that you will need to fill will look like this

Find the application form for Gramodhyog Nyas here:

You can find the application form for Patanjali Chikitsalya and Arogya Kendra here:

Is a Patanjali franchise a successful enterprise?

It is currently one of India’s FMCG companies with the quickest rate of growth. The company currently has over 47,000 retail counters and 3,500 distributors across the country. In addition, there are several warehouses in 18 states and proposed factories in 6 states.

The Patanjali Franchise intends to enter significant international markets with a growth rate of 130%. The group is preparing to spread its wings even further because it is already established in markets including those in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Russia, Dubai, and certain European nations.

The company is more of a swadeshi movement than a retailer of consumer products. Making India the best environment for Ayurveda’s growth and development and a model for the rest of the globe, according to the company’s mission statement.

Generally, the company’s performance may be attributed to its ability to provide clients with goods at reasonable prices. The corporation also makes every effort to reach domestic customers through aggressive media advertising. So, it stands to reason that opening a Patanjali franchise is a lucrative business venture.


Currently, Patanjali is a top-performing brand. The company wants to grow and change in order to enhance the idea of community and individual well-being.

Additionally, the expanding manufacturing facilities, retail locations across the country, and the soaring sales-profit figures highlight the triumphant voyage thus far.

The Patanjali franchise business opportunity is a lucrative and fulfilling opportunity for company owners looking to launch a retail-based product franchise.

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